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About Chaozhou

Chaozhou is most famous for several businesses:


(Tableware,Sanitaryware and Artware)

2.Stainless steels

(For Bathroom, restaurant and kitchenware)

3.Garments and evening dress

(Especially famous for handmade decorations like beading and embroidery)

Most of these above stuffs you might have found in Yiwu and Guangzhou Fair are actually manufactured in Chaozhou.

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Dear potential customer,
It's great to have you visiting our website. 

My name is Joy Chou. 
Ever since 2009, my husband Ben Huang and I have been working together as buying agent and quality assurance for western customers,
who purchase products in Chaozhou, Guangdong, China or other cities.

By 2019, we have finally registered QiaoBen Sourcing Co. Ltd, inclusive of 10 members as a team.

1. We are running a warehouse, which can store around 5~8 40HQ containers.

2. We are using professional software and phone App to follow up individual orders, no that each process is well recorded and all projects are updated in a timely manner.

3. We've also established stable relationship with more than 200 suppliers of a variety of products from kitchen ware, bathroom ware, building material, medical supplies etc.

We aim to build a reliable team, who always keep eyes on your orders in Chinese factories, and assist you to find suitable suppliers.

Our existing customers include several Fortune 500 enterprises in kitchenware, tableware and bathroom ware respectively, such as the biggest bathroom furniture manufacturer in UK and AU.

Our target client:
1. Designers: There is huge gap between brilliant ideas and real samples. We are here to transform your brilliant designs into solid products.
2. Brand runners: who care more about stable quality than lower price.
3. Multi-supply clients: who buy one container goods from several factories and need us to consolidate containers.

We provide services including:

1. Quality Assurance QC service.
Some of our customers used to receive a great number of broken plates or leaking toilets.
Usually, we will check 10% of all goods randomly, or according to AQL standard for those thousands plus quantity.
A QC report with dozens of photos and detailed description will be provided.

2. FOB or LCL consolidation.
We are running a warehouse, which is able to carry around five containers.
So we can help with your spare goods or container composing.
We also offer FOB service, such as dealing with forwarder trucking and customs declaring etc.
So there won't be any barrier if you want to do EXW with local factories.

3.Supplier research for your purchasing goods.
We would use our social resources to grab the latest market info before dealing with factories.

4. Fluent interpreting among English, Chinese, Cantonese and Chaozhou Dialect.
Personally, I am English Major with TEM8 certificate while Ben is a native speaker of Chaozhou Dialect and Cantonese.
Most clients speak highly of our language skills.
Some native English speakers comment we are the best interpreters they have ever met in Chaozhou.

5. Private spacious cozy car.
Traffic in Chaozhou is a bit crazy.
And many factories locate in rural countryside where GPS cannot tell.
Luckily, Ben is an expert in driving and knows most of the short cuts and routes
We normally make a schedule to visit all factories customer aimed to visit, which cost least time on traffic.

6. Daily life care.
We can also take care of some trivial such as
booking hotels, booking flight tickets, dining in nice restaurants or local specialty cafeteria.

In a word, being accompanied with local people, you will be in the safe hands of experts.

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