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Add:Booth No. 5# Chongde Complex, Fengxi District, Chaozhou, China
About Chaozhou

Chaozhou is most famous for several businesses:
(Tableware,Sanitaryware and Artware)

2.Stainless steels
(For Bathroom, restaurant and kitchenware)

3.Garments and evening dress
(Especially famous for handmade decorations like beading and embroidery)

Most of these above stuffs you might have found in Yiwu and Guangzhou Fair are actually manufactured in Chaozhou.


Our Service Charges:


1.100~200 USD per day including interpretor,driver and car within Chaozhou.
Everything included.

No extra charge, no need tips or petrol fee.


2.For overall service:

3%~5% commission of the overall goods value will be charged if customer appointed us to follow orders.

Our service include 24/7 instant communication, sample development, quality inspection and spot check and handling FOB document, etc.

3.For QC service only:
If it's 10% or AQL spot QC, the charge is included in commission.

If it's every piece QC for big articles like toilets, the charge will be two USD per piece.


4. Payment Terms:
The QC fee will be paid when the client receives goods and confirm no major quality problem.
For spot QC, 5% of the defect rate should be acceptable.
If there is major quality problem and the QC didn't report, partial QC fee will be deducted.

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